15 MinsEasyServes 4


How to make suji snack

This Suji snacks is perfect for this time as you and your family wants to eat something new daily. This recipe looks similar to vada but it tastes better. Try this Suji snacks and and share this suji snacks recipe with others too.



Step 1: Make a dough for snack
Put a kadhai on gas. Add 2 tsp oil. When oil is well heated, add 1 pinch hing, 1 cup water amd 1 tsp salt. Now take 1 big size potato, peel and grate it and add in kadhai. Mix well and cook for 3-4 min till softened. After 4 min put off the gas flame. Now add cumin sedd, black pepper powder, chopped green chilli and chopped curry leaves and 1 cup thick curd and mix well. Now put on the gas flame and add 1 cup suji. Mix well and continue stir it till it comes in dough form. After that take out in a plate and let cool down. Now apply some oil in palm and mash the dough for some time.
Step 2: Give shape to snack
Take a portion from dough. Now round it with your hand and then flat it by pressing your hand. Now apply oil on your finger and make hole on snack as we make bare. Make all pieces like this. Shape and size you can make of your choice.
Step 3: Fry
Heat oil in a kadhai. When oil is well heated, add bare one by one and fry it from both sides till golden brown.
Step 4: Serve
Serve with chutney or sauces.

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