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How to make suji ke gulab jamun

Today I have brought a special recipe for you which is very close to my heart suji ke gulab jamun. This can be made from the ingredients rightly available in your kitchen .Please do try this and make this in this lock down and enjoy with your family.



Step 1: Make sugar syrup
Heat a pan. Add sugar and water and cook till sugar dissolve in water. Add green cardamom for flavor.
Step 2: Make a dough
Heat a kadhai. Add ghee. When ghee become hot add milk, sugar and let it boil. Now add suji. Mix well and cook till it comes in dough form.
Step 3: Give Shape
When dough is slightly warm, add baking soda. Apply some oil in palm and mash the dough till smooth. Now take a portion from dough and make balls.
Step 4: Fry
Heat oil in a pan. Add all balls and fry in low to edium flame till golden brown from both sides.
Step 5: Soak
Now soak all balls in sugar syrup for minimum 2 hours

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