10 MinsMediumServes 4


How to make suji cutlet

Today i give you a new semolina recipe. It is a snack recipe and it is very tasty and easy recipe.



Step 1: cook
Heat oil in a pan. Add ginger garlic paste and fry for just 20-30 sec. now add all vegetables and cook in low to medium flame for 1-2 min. After 2 min add water and salt, mix well and cook till softened. After that add suji, mix well and cook till it comes in dough form. Add some coriander leaves. Take it out in a plate and let it cool down. Apply some oil in palm and kneat the dough for some time.
Step 2: Give Shape
Take a portion from dough and round it and then flat it. Make all pieces like this.
Step 3: Make a solution
Take maida in a bowl, add salt, black pepper. Now add some water and make a solution.
Step 4: Coat
Now dip katlet in maida solution and coat with bread crumbs. Make all katlet like this.
Step 5: Fry
Heat oil in a pan. Add katlet one by one and fry from both sides till golden brown.

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