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How to make mint ice cream at home

Beat the Heat with this cool mint ice cream |The mint will cool you from inside and chill ice cream will erase all the heat and give you a Thanda Thanda cool cool feeling. Make it Today And don't forget to comment to me about how it tastes.



Step 1: Make a milk mixture
In a pan, take 1/4 cup powdered sugar, 1/4 cup milk powder, 1 tsp cornflour, 1 cup milk and mix well. After mixing it, turn on the gas flame and cook for 20-30 sec. Now add 1/4 cup condensed milk after cooling it and mix well. Now keep it aside.
Step 2: Beat cream
In a bowl, take 1 cup of whip cream and beat it till soft and creamy. Now add milk mixture in batches and mix well. Now add 1 tbs mint juice, 3-4 drop green colour, 3-4 drop mint essence and mix well.
Step 3: Freeze ice cream
Now transfer this mixture into the cake tin. Put butter paper upon it and refrigerate it for 3-4 hrs.

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