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How to make honey oats cookies

आज हम बनाएंगे ऑर्ट्स से एक कूकीज या बिस्किट । इसमे ऑर्ट्स, सेहद जैसे हेल्थी चीजें डाली है ।ह खाने में बोहुत ही तसत्य है और इसे आप टिफ़िन में बोहुत दिन तक दाख के कहा सकते हैं।



Step 1: Make a douggh for cookies
Take a mixing bowl. Add sieved flour, baking powder and baking soda. Now add oats, chopped cashew, chopped almond, raisin and chopped dark chocolate. Mix well and keep this mixture aside. Take another mixing bowl. Add butter, brown sugar and mix well till it becomes soft. Now add honey, vanilla essence and mix well. Now add dry ingredients in batches and mix well.
Step 2: Give Shape
Now take a portion from dough with help of I ice-cream scoops so that size of cookies will be same, and give it cookies shape.
Step 3: Bake
Take a baking tray and put a butter paper. Now place cookies in tray and sprinkle some Choco chips. Now place this tray in OTG and bake in 170 degree for 10 min.

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