10 MinsEasyServes 4


How to make gulab jamun with premix packet

Learn How to make Gulab jamun from readymade gulab jamun premix packet. I got many comments in my previous video that their gulab jamun is breaking while dipping in sugar syrup.I have given its solution in this video .Please watch full video.



Step 1: Make sugar syrup
Take sugar in a pan. Add water, green cardamom and mix well. Now cook till sugar dissolves. Now add lemon juice and mix. Now cook it for 15-20 min.
Step 2: Make a dough
Take gulab jamun premix. Add water and make a dough. Now rest it for 30 min.
Step 3: Give Shape
Take a portion from dough and make balls. Make all balls like this.
Step 4: Fry
Fry all balls in low heat from both sides till golden brown.
Step 5: Soak
Now soak all balls in sugar syrup and let soak it for 1 hour.

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