5 MinsEasyServes 2

How to make Delhi special chicken fry

Banaye Delhi ka special chicken fry. In a very simple method, learn how to make Delhi special chicken fry.



Step 1: Marinate chicken
Take 1/2 kg chicken in a bowl. Add 1 tbs ginger-garlic paste, salt a/c to taste, juice of one lemon, mix well and marinate it for 10 min.
Step 2: 2nd marination
Now add all dry spices in the chicken, add besan, cornflour, curd and mix well. Now refrigerate it for 1/2 hour.
Step 3: Fry chicken
Heat oil in a pan. Add chicken pieces one by one. Fry it in high flame for 30-40 sec then low the flame and fry it for 3-4 min. Chicken fry is ready to serve.

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